happy birthday(生日)英文祝福语

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happy birthday.

Pick a snowflake, the blessing of the tiger wei for your birthday, dedicated a beautiful greatly.

A tree may like that in the maple leaf, stretch my pure shallow green, in the combustion I hope can give you of birthday, red.

Every year, all is me today most concerned about your day. Although you forgot who I am, but I still want to say to you, wish you happy.

Perhaps it is time to the front, otherwise, how have so of look forward to, really want to be your name in my heart, be burning emotions - stop to your birthday.

I give you a special blessing, each minute may bring you health, luck and happiness. Hope this is the nicest birthday you have spent.

I think health and happiness are the two most important things in life, if they can, I would like to transfer my all to you, happy birthday.

An attractive, intellectual, sophisticated and all round lendid person is, happy birthday.

May your birthday be shimmering bright, with joy and laughter from morning till night.

Warm congratulations to you on your birthday. I send along my love for you, send to a small gift. Take care of yourself!

Do you like the life in the life boat, the valley of wave fluctuations. Birthday, I wish you peace, leave bay!

The kindest friend there could ever be is the kind of friend you are to me. My friend, I wish a happy birthday.

Wish I was the first to say "happy birthday to you". May everything it take to make a very happy and successful year!

In this day of it, I have no flowers and wine songs, but are favored, I wish you happy life.

I in the bloom of orchid petal to write on your thoughts and boundless blessings, and wish you a happy birthday!

As the rose cute, wishing you a happy birthday brings you, because you are the most lovable younger sister, happy birthday!

Only people who understand life, can enjoy flowers, only understand a loving person, then can grasp your fragrance, wish you have a special birthday.

In the year today belong to you, life I this heart belongs to you.

Let me wish you sincerely, wish your life in February, red flowers!

The birthday candle flickered in flowers, each season is my wish: happy birthday!

The rotation, if true affection for long, regardless of your body in faraway places, I will always remember this day. I wish you a happy birthday!

Because you this day became a beautiful day, on the world more than a celebration of colour. Friends, I wish you a happy birthday!

Let my blessing for you, let me make you laugh, because in your birthday today, I also like you to exult, and joy. Wishing you happiness!

Let my heart is a fresh flowers, blooming in your skies for your birthday, add bit sweet emotional appeal for you happiness, add a beautiful brilliance!

In this day, we sincerely wish you in bloom, may be a peaceful and silently bring you, happy birthday!

Let my blessing, like rays of sunshine, in your eyes, happy birthday!

I collected for your beauty, in all of nature's your birthday candlestick. tiger wei said in a bud, let it be for the secret.

Sunlight to you with mature, wo add your charm, birthday, let you make friends blessing source of joy...

Wish you every day as the picturesque beauty, happy birthday! Time is shorter, birthday always faster, friendship is always more strong, my blessing is more and more deeply

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